5 Times Celebrities Went Above and Beyond

5 Times Celebrities Went Above and Beyond

The chance to meet a favorite celebrity is a dream come true, but only a few lucky folks get that chance in their lifetime. What is even more remarkable is when a famous personality uses their fortunate position to do a little good for someone who admires them. That is exactly what these seven actors and musicians did.

Let’s celebrate the good.

Thor and Loki Made a Visit to a Children’s Hospital

In 2016, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston made a visit to a children’s hospital in Australia dressed as Thor and Loki. In his Instagram post after his visit, Hemsworth’s heartwarming caption calls the children he met “the real superheroes” who are inspirational and brave. We agree!

Carrie Underwood Honors a Young Musician

After losing a 10-year-old daughter, Isley, in an accident caused by a drunk driver, Marie  Thibodeaux created a scholarship in her memory at Teche Center for The Arts where the young musician studied. When Carrie Underwood heard about this tragic event, she was moved and pledged to do something in her honor. So, she created a VIP Package which was raffled off with all proceeds going into the scholarship fund.

Taylor Swift Pays off Student Loans

When a Swift fan took to Tumblr to unload the stress she was under trying to make ends meet while getting her degree, she never imagined to Taylor would read her rant. The musician, who loves surfing Tumblr according to Good Morning America,read the college student’s heartfelt blog post. Within two of hours of sharing her situation online, she received a little over $6000 CAD in her Paypal from the star.

Chris Pratt Loses a Bet for Good

When Chris Pratt and Chris Evans realized their favorite NFL teams were facing off in the 2015 Super Bowl, they knew it was a chance to have a little fun and do some good. They made a bet with each other, agreeing that the fan of the losing team would dress up as their Marvel superhero and visit a children’s hospital.

After Pratt lost his bet, he spent a day at Christopher’s Haven dressed up as Starlord; Evans tagged along for the visit.

Thanks to their bet, Christopher’s Haven and Seattle Children’s Hospital received a combined total of $27,000 in donations.

Tom Hanks Like Girls Scout Cookies

In 2015, Tom Hanks made a point to do something special for a few of his youngest fans. When he happened upon Scouts selling cookies, he bought three boxes. Then, when fans saw him and asked for a picture, he told them he’d be happy to pose for a selfie if they’d buy some cookies first.

Don’t let these heartwarming stories fool you…you don’t have to be a celebrity to do some good or make the world a better place. Anyone can make a difference by finding a cause they’re passionate about and taking action. After all, isn’t that why we’re here?

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