50 Shots Fired on Congressional Republicans

50 Shots Fired on Congressional Republicans
50 Shots Fired on Congressional Republicans

A lone gunman opened fire this morning on a Republican Congressional baseball team practice, getting off around 50 shots. Five people were injured, including the Representative for the First congressional District of Louisiana, Steve Scalise.
It’s hard to tell exactly what the motivation behind the shooting was, since the gunman didn’t say a word. He simply opened fire with his rifle near the YWCA in Alexandria, Virginia. While security called for reinforcements, the practicing team members were busy looking for cover on the baseball field.

The suspect, a 66 year old James T. Hodgkinson, was hospitalized and in custody when he died from wounds sustained during the shootout. Hodgkinson’s Facebook page indicates that he was not just anti-Trump, but anti-republican in general. One of the groups he was a member of was “Terminate the Republican Party.”
The practicing team was made up of congressional republicans, including representatives and aides, but the attack is not yet being considered as a politically motivated one.
Because congressional representatives were involved, the FBI took the lead on the case. Special Agent Tim Slater is leading the investigation.
This could be the thing that sparks off another gun debate. It should also spark off a discussion and review of security team members, since the assailant was able to fire off at least 50 shots with a rifle from behind a dugout before being taken down by federal, local and state security and law enforcement teams.
As a result of the shooting, both Trump and Pence have cancelled speeches for today, while the House leaders have cancelled voting. Scalise is reported to be in stable condition following surgery.