7 Apps to Reduce Christmas Costs

7 Apps to Reduce Christmas Costs
7 Apps to Reduce Christmas Costs

Christmas is almost here once again. Have you already shopped for everyone on your list? If the answer is no, you aren’t alone – most of us find ourselves scrambling at the last minute to pack in the presents.
But here’s the thing; waiting to shop is often bad news. Not only do prices tend to rise just before Christmas, but stores can sometimes start to run out of inventory, too. Waiting too long could leave you spending more than you intended to in the rush.
This Christmas, we want to help you bring your costs down. That’s why we put together this handy list of cost-saving apps. Use them to cut corners without sacrificing your ability to give gifts. You just might even make a little bit of money back on the presents you buy for others.

Christmas Gift List

Just as it sounds, Christmas Gift List lets you create and save gift lists for people you love (or yourself, no judgements here). Just set a budget, keep adding items and prices, and the app will tell you when you get close to your limit. Commit to sticking to the budget you set and you should stay well within your spending range this year.


Ibotta is an app that’s really a reward system in disguise. It gives you real cash back on the purchases you already make every single day, like groceries, spirits, pharmacy items, clothing and beauty products. Look at rewards for hotel stays, Christmas dinner items, or even those coveted stocking stuffers this year.


RetailMeNot is a multi-feature app. It lets you look up coupon codes, but also contains a nifty geotargeting app that will notify you if you’re near any deals when you’re out and about. At the local shopping mall? Just check in – RetailMeNot will let you know whether the good sales are.


ShopKick is another rewards app that pays you back for spending money at certain retailers. While you can’t get cold-hard cash back (you get gift cards instead), it’s the perfect choice for holiday shopping because most people buy so many items at once. Every purchase grants you “kick points,” which you can eventually redeem for gift cards to your favorite retailers – that’s a nice boost in the New Year.


Flipp doesn’t help you shop directly; instead, it shows you all local flyers and coupons applicable to your local area. This is ideal for shopping for groceries, spirits, and other small items. Check it for the most ideal price before you head out shopping, so you don’t have to waste time going store-to-store to price match.


Honey is a coupon-finding app designed specifically for Chrome browser. While it won’t work on a smartphone, it is worth mentioning. After installation, Honey works in the background as you surf, notifying you if you land on a site for which there is an available coupon. WIth the click of a button, you can apply the coupon to your shopping cart before you finalize your order.


Ebates is yet another cash-back rewards system (and yes, in many cases, you can use it in tandem with other rewards sites). Just log in, pick the store you want to shop at from their list, and do your regular online shopping. Ebates will track the purchase and grant you cash back right into your account. The system also applies any available special coupons and deals to your order automatically.
Merry Christmas, from all of us here at United Voice – and happy shopping!