8 Annoying Texting Habits You May Have

Annoying text messaging habits
Annoying text messaging habits

Who knew there was such a thing as bad habits in text messaging. Well, trust me, there is! Here are some bad habits you may have developed since getting your first smartphone. If any of these apply, please do your best to break the habits. Your family, friends, and society will thank you for it.
Using a period (.) at the end of a sentence
Yes, it’s the proper way to end a sentence, but that dot may make you seem insincere. That’s what researchers at Binghamton University found when they showed study participants a series a short exchanges framed as either texts or handwritten notes. In text messages, the responses that ended with a period were rated as less sincere than those with no punctuation. The effect wasn’t the same in handwritten notes.
You don’t use spell check
Typos and incorrect grammar are the biggest turn-offs for single women and men, according to a Match.com survey. You know what else singles—and probably everyone else on the planet—also find annoying: responding with short answers, like “k” and “cool.” Just a tiny bit more effort might go a long way, or at least get a second date.
You say “sorry” a lot
Texting an apology is not tragic, but you both get more out of it if you do it face to face. MIT social scientist Sheryl Turk says that sending “I’m sorry” through text message doesn’t really show whether you’re genuinely upset or not.
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You text a novel when you can just call
Sometimes dialing a person and talking will cut down on the time it will take you to explain a point or situation through text messaging. Consider both your time and the individual’s time before sending a long text message that will take you a minute to explain over the phone.
You text at the movies/during dinner
Going to watch a movie, especially one you’ve been anxiously waiting to watch, can quickly become an unpleasant experience because people are texting during the movie. Granted, you may not be talking, but everyone around you can see and be distracted by that glowing bright light. According to the report, religious institutions and restaurants came in at the number two and three most annoying places to pull out a phone. Besides, it’s annoying and rude.
You text group messages
A small group text can be ok, as long as it’s something really important such as coordinating a special event or something like that. When 50 of your friends’ smartphones ding simultaneously with a picture of your newly adopted puppy, of course they are all going to respond. You may like it, but everyone else on that mass text may not want an endless string of comments, congratulations, or heart emojis. Keep your text more personal and for crying out loud, don’t use group text unless you have to.
You text one syllable/word at a time
When you send nine new text messages that basically amount to one single thought… well, you basically suck. It’s just hard to follow, unnecessary and those messages just tend to get lost.
You text to say you just left a message recording
Unless it’s an emergency, chances are, the person didn’t reply because they’re probably busy or just simply ignoring you. They may have read your message but decided not to reply just then and there. I’m sure they’ll get back to you when it’s convenient for them to do so. So, chill out.
Texting has definitely reshaped the way we communicate. Remember these texting habits and try to be courteous about reaching out to people when using your phone.