A Man Braves War Zones and Death to Bring Friends Beer

A Man Braves Warzones and Death To Bring Friends Beer

(UnitedVoice.com) – During the Vietnam War, there were plenty of stories of men doing things to avoid going to war. They received medical exemptions, school deferrals, and some even fled to Canada to escape the draft. However, there was one man who not only didn’t flee but actually snuck into the war zone.

In November 1967, former Marine John “Chickie” Donohue decided he would do something crazy. He was going to sneak into Vietnam to deliver beer to his friends. So that’s what he did. The veteran who’d served four years in the Corps but was never deployed grew angry over anti-war protests back home. He knew at least 28 people from his neighborhood who died in Vietnam and couldn’t believe the things protesters were saying. He wanted the troops to know how much he appreciated them, so he went on a four-month trek.

Donohue traveled from New York City to Qui Nhon. He had nothing but a list of names of the guys from his neighborhood who were overseas and a bunch of beer.

Donohue arrived in the war-torn country in January 1968 after sailing for two months to get there. He traveled with US military convoys, planes, and other vehicles to find the men he wanted to surprise. Donohue even had to help a unit fight back against the enemy troops at one point. Unfortunately, he only found four of the six men he was looking for, and of the other two, one went home, and the other died. Eventually, he made it back home with his life and a crazy story to tell.

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