A Nation Divided: Democratic Leaders Increase Attacks on Conservative Voters

A Nation Divided: Democratic Leaders Increase Attacks on Conservative Voters

Democrats Play DIRTY — Tear The Nation In TWO

(UnitedVoice.com) – Is America at a crossroads? In the 1960s, many thought Civil Rights and the Vietnam War would escalate into an irreversible pattern of distrust and violence. In the 1970s, Watergate opened the door and exposed partisan tensions. Still, from the 1980s to the 2010s, calmness reigned throughout society. Now, the age of rage is back. This time, the politicians are driving wedges for political gains in ways not seen before. Instead of attacking each other, Democratic elected officials and candidates have vilified conservative voters.

So, how bad are things? Some believe America may be on the cusp of another civil war. One poll suggested over half of the country expects a civil war to break out sometime in the next few years. If so, could the Left’s current onslaught against voters be to blame as divisions grow wider?

Democratic Leaders Unleash on Conservative Voters

After the 2016 presidential election, something in the air changed. Liberals didn’t just dislike President Donald Trump, they despised him. They attempted to separate him from his supporters by falsely alleging he colluded with Russia. When that failed, Democrats impeached Trump over a call with the Ukrainian president. Meanwhile, liberal media pundits pointed at his followers as the problem. In 2020, the Left blamed him for COVID-19 and suggested Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden could do a better and more civil job. In January 2021, the Democratic-led House impeached Trump again, alleging he fostered the January 6, 2021, riot on Capitol Hill.

Biden ran on unity and bringing the country together. Yet, during the last 18 months, he’s participated in a campaign that’s destroyed the unity narrative. In recent weeks, he’s shifted from attacking Republican leaders and legislators in Congress and state legislatures to going after conservative voters.

On Thursday, August 25, President Biden stated that MAGA Republicans were guilty of “semi-fascism.” Fascism is an authoritarian political philosophy that lifts the nation above individuals and craves a centralized government led by a dictator who suppresses their opposition. That definition doesn’t describe the America First or MAGA movements. Instead, they seek to restore the nation to capitalism and liberty with smaller government, fewer regulations, and more freedom.

Still, Biden’s not alone in his attacks. On Wednesday, August 24, Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist told the local media he wanted to listen to love, seemingly insinuating that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) didn’t embody it. He stated those who support the governor should stay with him and said he didn’t want their vote or anyone’s vote who fostered hatred in their heart.

In New York, Democratic Gov. Kathleen Hochul recently told Republicans they weren’t welcome in her state and told them to leave. She clarified she was only speaking of GOP candidates, but who would Conservatives vote for if there were no Republicans left, Democrats? Isn’t that the definition of voter disenfranchisement about which the Left constantly complains?

Democrats’ Unified Message: They Don’t Want Republicans in Society

The general theme emanating from Democratic candidates is they don’t want Republican voters or candidates. On Thursday night, Biden delivered a prime-time address to the nation. In what some describe as a propagandist speech, he warned the upcoming midterm election was about the country’s soul. He said if Republicans help usher in GOP candidates and they take over the House or Senate, democracy would be at stake.

So, is Democratic Party really fighting for citizens’ rights?

If so, what about the consequences of illegal immigration, which the Border Patrol chief said is a result of the administration’s policies?

What about the far-left agenda from Democrats who pushed Critical Race Theory on children in schools or whose policies set their education back years during COVID shutdowns? What about their fight to protect criminals over victims? Or, how about the rising prices on virtually everything one buys since Biden took office in January 2021?

Is American division any wonder? Will Conservatives rise up or push back at the polls?

We’ll find out in just a few months.

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