A Quick Update on Congress

Comings and Goings in Congress

The past few months have shown that there are big changes coming in 2020 for the GOP. So far, 19 Republican House members have announced that they won’t seek reelection next year, compared to only five Democrats.

What Does it Mean?

As people get older, it’s common for them to want to retire, so this wave of announcements could just be the natural order of things. Some people worry that it could mean something more. With the political climate being so crazy — thanks to the Dems — some members of Congress have admitted they aren’t seeking reelection because they just don’t want to deal with politics anymore.

This could cause problems for the GOP in 2020. During the last election cycle in 2018, more than 12 Republicans decided to retire before the midterms. These retirements are what caused the “blue wave” allowing the Democrats to gain the majority in the House.

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