A Staggering Number of Educators Have Been Outed as Predators So Far in 2022

A Staggering Number of Educators Have Been Outed as Predators So Far in 2022

Horrifying Trend Uncovered INSIDE American Schools

(UnitedVoice.com) – Teachers having inappropriate relationships with students is, unfortunately, nothing new. Mary Kay Letourneau was perhaps the most infamous; she went to prison in 1998 for having an affair and getting pregnant by a student. The problem hasn’t gone away. A new report indicates arrests of a staggering number of educators for sex crimes in 2022.

Fox News Digital analyzed local news stories about school employee arrests and found jurisdictions have jailed at least 181 from January 1 to June 30 for sex crimes. The cases included 153 teachers, 12 substitute teachers, 4 principals, and 12 teachers’ aides. The study found at least 140 instances involved students, and men accounted for 78%.

In July, Louisiana’s Zachary Community School District confirmed police arrested one of its teachers, Peyton Lambertson, in a child pornography sting.

Law enforcement took Julie Hoover, 38, into custody in June for sexting a student. She was a teacher at the Point of Grace Christian School in Perry, Florida. Although he was 18 years old, authorities charged her with one count of an authority figure engaging or soliciting sex with a student.

In May, police arrested William Carawan, a former Florida elementary school teacher, for five counts of molestation and one count of sexual battery on a child under the age of 18 but over 12 years old.

Lawmakers are currently looking for ways to prevent predators from becoming educators. That includes stopping the practice of “passing the trash,” which allows teachers accused of crimes to resign quietly so they can work for another district.

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