Accused Pedophile Uses "Trans-age" Plea

Accused Pedophile Uses
Accused Pedophile Uses "Trans-age" Plea

A man accused of sexually assaulting multiple girls under the age of nine is claiming that he is “trans-age,” and therefore cannot be held responsible for his crime. Thirty-eight-year-old Joseph Roman, of Connecticut, was charged with predatory sexual assault after the girls’ families discovered the truth about his sordid relationship with the children. Roman is claiming that he is a “nine-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.”

Key Facts

• Roman not only admitted to the attacks, but also admitted to repeat attacks against all three girls. His first victim was only six years old when Roman began molesting her through the night. He later graduated to assaulting two other girls between the ages of six and eight as well.
• The girls’ family is not related to Roman, but was living with him at the time because they needed somewhere to stay. The man was often tasked with babysitting the girls in addition to having access to them at night, affording him plenty of opportunity and access without parental supervision.
• Although the family later moved out, the girls’ parents did not immediately become aware of the attacks. Roman continued to assault them for some time before eventually being caught and confronted by the family.
• The term “trans-age” is new, and likely has no basis in reality. It stems from “transgender,” meaning to identify as a different gender than your biological sex. While there is at least some evidence for transgender issues, there is absolutely no evidence that someone can be “trans-age.”
• There are, however, instances where developmental issues and/or intellectual disability may cause someone to function as if they were younger than they really are. This is not the same as being “trans-age.” When someone says, “they function at the level of a 12-year-old,” in relation to persons with disabilities, they are talking about mental fitness, not identity.
• Despite his assertions, local police are treating Roman as an adult. This includes holding him without bail and keeping him in the local adult jail.

Were you expecting something like this to happen sooner or later?