ACLU Makes Shocking Claim About 2nd Amendment

ACLU Makes Shocking Claim About 2nd Amendment

( – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) fancies itself the most prominent defender of constitutional rights in the country. While it’s true the organization does cross the aisle to defend Conservatives’ rights occasionally, it’s largely considered a liberal group. Recently, the ACLU demonstrated why people think it’s partisan by allowing a guest to trash the Second Amendment on one of its podcasts.

On July 16, an article by ACLU Communications Intern Ines Santos alleged gun ownership puts black people in a bad position because of police brutality. He went on to claim gun laws in America have been “selectively manipulated and utilized to inflame white racial anxiety.”

The ACLU’s “At Liberty” podcast, which accompanied the article, featured historian Carol Anderson. She sat down to discuss the Second Amendment, its allegedly racist origins, and whether black people are allowed to exercise their rights as gun owners in America. Anderson claimed gun laws were put in place specifically to target black people as far back as the 1700s.

Maj Toure, the founder of Black Guns Matter, vehemently disagreed with the ACLU’s position.

In response to the ACLU’s claims, Toure reminded the organization the 2A was not about “anti-blackness,” but instead it was about checking the government. He said the liberal group has it all wrong: “gun control is racist.” That’s a sentiment expressed by other prominent black Americans, including Killer Mike, the rapper. He has taken a lot of attacks for asserting the same thing.

The article once again shows that although the ACLU says it supports Civil Rights, it seems they cherry-pick which ones they want to defend.

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