Activist Guest Swallows Abortion Pill on Live TV

Activist Guest Swallows Abortion Pill on Live TV

( – Abortion is always a hot topic in America, but that’s even more true as the country waits for the Supreme Court to hand down its decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. The ruling could severely limit abortion across the country or even reverse Roe v. Wade. Unlike Conservatives, those on the Left want to expand the procedure, making it even easier for women to receive one. A pro-abortion activist recently did something horrifying on live TV to try to spread her deadly message.

On January 23, abortion activist Jex Blackmore joined pro-life attorney Rebecca Kiessling and host Charlie Langton on WJBK FOX 2 Detroit’s “Let It Rip.” The leftist was on the show to discuss the availability of by-mail abortion pills. She has been a proponent of making them easier to obtain like they were during the pandemic.

During the segment, Blackmore held up a mifepristone pill. She explained it’s the first of two pills that a woman can take to end a pregnancy. Then she opened her mouth, popped the pill and washed it down with water. Langton asked her if she was pregnant and she responded, “I would say that this is going to end a pregnancy.” She then proudly declared it would be her third abortion.

Kiessling was visibly upset by the stunt and Langton looked shocked. The host later responded to the incident in an email saying that although his guest tried to make it look easy, a “preborn baby does not just magically vanish” when a woman takes the pill. He said people should be outraged by the carnage the pills cause and the callousness Blackmore exhibited when taking the drug on live television.

Hundreds of thousands of babies are killed by abortions each year.

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