Activist SHOT 6 TIMES – This Was No Accident!

Iranian Activist Shot 6 Times, Murdered

Iranian Activist Shot 6 Times, Murdered

( – Iranians have been in the streets for more than a week protesting the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. The country’s morality police arrested and reportedly beat the young woman to death earlier this month. Now, another young woman protesting Amini’s murder is dead as a result of the brutal regime.

On September 21, Iranian security forces allegedly shot 20-year-old Hadis Najafi. The woman was in the city of Karaj protesting the country’s gender apartheid when forces shot her six times in the face and neck. Videos of the young woman preparing to protest without wearing a hijab circulated on the internet.

Najafi was reportedly a prominent Iranian social media figure.

Photos of other women murdered while protesting for their freedom have also circulated on the internet. Ghazale Chelavi, 32, was reportedly shot in the head while chanting, “we are all Mahsa Amini.” Another girl, 18-year-old Mahsa Mogoi, allegedly lost her life while speaking out in Isfahan.

Iranian police have taken more than 1,800 people into custody in Tehran for protesting. Reports indicate as many as 35 people have died, many of them women. The Jerusalem Post reported Hadis’ sister said her sibling’s “heart was broken for Mahsa Amini,” and she could “not stay silent.” For that, the Iranian police murdered her.

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