Activists Want to Retrain ICE Agents

Activists Want to Retrain ICE Agents

Anti-ICE protests have surged in popularity among naive Leftists over the course of 2019. Democrats manufactured controversy around the border wall to throw the Liberals into a frenzy. They are attempting to get the public on their side for the sole purpose of passing legislation benefiting the Democrat establishment.

Many Americans see through this facade. Unfortunately, some are caught up in the sensationalism of anti-ICE sentiments. This is clearly demonstrated by the “Never Again Action” movement equating ICE detention facilities to concentration camps.

This is clearly a ridiculous claim, but the ignorant Left is buying the narrative — hook, line and sinker.

Deadly Consequences

While comparing these ICE detention facilities to concentration camps is absurd, many believe it to be harmless at the end of the day. These protesters also appear to be docile on the surface; this tweet inviting ICE agents out to lunch can’t be threatening at all, right?

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. The anti-border patrol movement has resulted in multiple attacks against ICE property and officials. These activists pose a danger to ICE agents and anyone near their rallies.

The Evolution of Anti-ICE Sentiments

Protesters have called for ICE employees to hand over their resignation for many months with no exit strategy. What do these activists expect them to say? “Sure, I’ll just quit my job right away and start looking for a new one!”

Of course, no one in their right mind would walk away due to the demands of a political activist. Everyone has to pay their bills somehow and the protesters are finally catching on. So, they’ve decided to help retrain ICE employees.

Where exactly these ex-ICE officers would go is unclear. Most likely they’ll be convinced to join up with some far-Left Liberal organization, like Greenpeace. Nevermind the need for farmers, manufacturers and service jobs — the Left thinks saving trees is more important than providing tangible products and services to Americans.

Unfortunately, a few agents seem to have been swayed by these far-Left advocates. If Liberals can use their freedom of speech to protest against ICE, then a counter-protest can (and should) disrupt them. Don’t allow them to guilt trip ICE agents into deserting a noble cause.

Our border situation is precarious at best — we can’t afford to lose control of our sovereignty.

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