Adam Schiff Urges Republicans to Resign From Trump’s Administration

Adam Schiff Urges Republicans to Resign From Trump's Administration

( – It’s no secret that Adam Schiff (D-CA), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is no fan of President Donald Trump. One only needs to look at his zeal during the impeachment proceedings to see that. Now, he’s turning his hateful opinions on not just the president, but his staff too.

In an interview on Wednesday, September 23, Schiff suggested that Republicans “of good conscience” working for the Trump administration should resign from their positions. His comments came in response to Donald Trump’s implication he would challenge the result of the election because of uncertainty around mail-in ballots. Schiff claimed that no Republican could, “in good conscience,” support this point of view. He also appealed to past members of the Trump administration to speak out about the president.

Schiff proposed that Trump’s comments on the matter signaled his intention to create political “chaos.”

Donald Trump is not alone in his skepticism about the mail-in voting process. Other politicians have voiced concerns about the effect mass postal voting might have on electoral integrity this November.

After four years of continuous hostility from the Democrats, Schiff’s outburst is hardly surprising. So close to the presidential election, however, it betrays a sense of desperation from the Left. Democrats are clearly beginning to worry the vote will not go their way and are therefore exploring other means by which they might take power.

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