Ag Experts Sound Alarm on Food Shortages in 2023

Ag Experts Sound Alarm on Food Shortages in 2023

( – Throughout 2022, inflation numbers remained well above what Americans usually see. In January, the annualized inflationary numbers hit 7.5%, reaching 9.1% in June before cooling down in November to 7.1%. These numbers come with increased prices for everything from the gas at the pump to clothes on the racks and food in the grocery store.

While the cost of feeding families in the US remains worrisome, agricultural experts recently revealed to “Fox & Friends” that prices are not the only things to worry about regarding food. Weather patterns and governmental regulations will likely stress farmers and other food producers going forward into 2023, which could lead to supply and shortage issues.

A Word From the Ground

On December 28, 2022, Tennessee dairy farmer Stephanie Nash appeared on the Fox program to discuss food security. The seasoned agricultural expert said she started her farming journey in California but decided to move to a state with fewer regulations. Nash said the Golden State has a lot of rules regarding air quality and water that growers in the state must follow, making it harder for them to produce what they need to feed American families.

Nash said she has friends in Texas who resorted to extreme measures to save their crops without proper support from the United States Department of Agriculture and other entities. Nash stated the government needs to change along with the industry to maximize food production and support farmers.

The expert believes lawmakers and residents of the US are at a critical juncture because people from other countries are reportedly buying up agricultural land in the US. According to Nash, Americans must decide whether they want their food grown in America or imported from other countries. If they choose to eat locally sourced food, changes must happen on a grand scale.

Droughts and the Future

During her discussion with “Fox & Friends,” Nash talked about droughts and the impact they have on farming. She said ranchers only made small profits last year and still had to sell assets to make ends meet because of challenges in the weather and higher interest rates on inflation-driven loans. In addition, she claimed dairy farmers are struggling because of feed prices for their stock.

Nash told Fox Business she doesn’t expect food prices to come down in 2023 and urged politicians to fix the broken agricultural system by supporting farmers. The expert said lawmakers should concentrate on instituting programs to support American farmers. Unless that happens, the dairy farmer predicts many in her industry will go out of business this year, spelling more trouble for the food supply, increased shortages, and higher prices for families in the US.

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