Agricultural Department Heading to Kansas City, Cruz Calling for the Arrest of Portland’s Mayor and Trump Officials Told to Stay Home

Trump Administration Moving the Agricultural Department

The Left loves to talk about giving power to the people and helping those in need. Yet, when President Trump has an idea that will do just that, they have nothing good to say. Apparently, even helping America’s farmers isn’t enough…

The Trump administration announced a plan to move a large chunk of the Agricultural Department from Washington, DC to Kansas City, MO, starting in 2020. This is a great move for two reasons: it saves the department almost $300 million and puts them right in the heart of farm country.

The Left loves to overlook America’s farmers, even though they form the core of what keeps our great country together (and fed). Fortunately, we have people like President Trump around to keep their needs in mind.

Cruz Calling for Legal Action Against Portland Mayor

Protests broke out in Portland, OR, this week, after white supremacist James Fields Jr. was sentenced to life in prison. You might remember Fields – he was the man responsible for the Charlottesville car attack on August 12, 2017, a violent clash that resulted in the death of one protestor and significant injuries to many others.

Fields’ sentencing this week had a heavy protester presence. It turned violent when Antifa started attacking people. Journalist Andy Ngo was one of the unintended victims.

Senator Cruz now wants the mayor of Portland to pay for this because of his “no involvement” approach to dealing with Antifa. He believes Ted Wheeler directs police to stand by, allowing attacks (such as the one against Ngo) to affect innocent bystanders.

Trump Officials Should Stay Home

Stephanie Wilkinson, the co-owner of the restaurant that refused to serve Sarah Sanders, is in the news again. After hearing about patrons at a Chicago bar spitting on Eric Trump, Stephanie felt like she needed to give her two cents on the topic.

Needless to say, it wasn’t even worth that.

Stephanie stated that she thinks that all Trump officials should just stay home, that way they won’t have to worry about being turned away or being harassed.

So much for the Left and their preaching of love and tolerance, right?

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