Air Travel Breaks Pandemic Record After Thanksgiving

Air Travel Breaks Pandemic Record After Thanksgiving

( – In 2020, millions of Americans missed Thanksgiving with their families. The pandemic was raging then and former President Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” was getting ready to roll out the COVID-19 vaccines. Fortunately, this year the coronavirus outbreak subsided enough to allow families to finally meet up and discuss what they’re all thankful for — and they broke air travel records to make it happen.

On November 29, TSA Spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein announced that airport employees screened more than 2.4 million people on the day before Thanksgiving. It was a new pandemic high and almost met the 2019 pre-pandemic travel record of 2.8 million. In total, more than 20 million people traveled this holiday season.

To prepare for the Thanksgiving rush, TSA hired 6,000 new employees to get people through security. The extra manpower seemed to have worked. Other than a few hiccups, there were no major incidents at airports. In addition to air travel, more than 48 million were expected to travel by car over the holiday weekend.

The number of people traveling shows Americans are ready to get out and live their lives as normally as possible. They aren’t allowing the coronavirus to force them to continue missing out on life’s precious moments. After nearly two years of the pandemic, it’s nice to see people enjoying life again.

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