Hero Airman Saves Child on Flight

Airman Saves Child on Flight

US Air Force Tech. Sgt. Kenneth O’Brien is the perfect definition of a hero. Some of his acts of bravery include:

  • Working security detail during President Trump’s visit to North Korea.
  • Pulling a person from a burning vehicle in South Korea.
  • Helping to rescue the junior Thai soccer players and a Thai Nave SEAL during the cave incident in 2018.

Because of his many heroic deeds, O’Brien was recognized as one of the Outstanding Airmen of the Year, something he definitely deserves. On September 11th, the brave airman was flying from Japan, where he’s stationed, to Dallas to receive his award. During that flight, he continued his streak of heroic acts.

After noticing that a baby on the flight had lost consciousness due to an airway obstruction, O’Brien (our faithful hero) rushed over and was able to clear the blockage and resuscitate the little boy by performing CPR. When asked about what happened the Indiana native simply replied — in true hero fashion:

I’m thankful that the child is okay and that I was able to help when the family needed support. I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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