Airport Tragedy as Man Allegedly Jumps Into Airplane Engine

Airport Tragedy as Man Allegedly Jumps Into Airplane Engine

( – Working at an airport, especially out near planes, is a dangerous job. The powerful jet engines are capable of killing people who get too close. Recently, a man took his own life on the tarmac of a Texas airport.

On June 26, the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death of David Renner, 27, a suicide. He died from sharp and blunt force injuries. According to reports, Renner was working for Unifi Aviation on June 23 at San Antonio’s international airport. He was on the ground when a Delta jet arrived from Los Angeles and was taxiing to a gate just before 10:30 p.m. local time.

Suddenly, the plane ingested Renner as it was moving across the tarmac with people on board. Investigators determined the victim intentionally stepped in front of the plane’s engine. Unifi Aviation CEO Gautam Thakkar issued a statement on LinkedIn about the incident. He said the company had experienced “a very tough few days” after losing one of their own. The executive acknowledged Renner took his own life but refused to get into the details, only saying that the company was supporting one another.

Joshua Renner, the younger brother of the victim, spoke to the Daily Mail about his sibling’s death. He said he’d been sober and happy for months, giving no indication he would want to hurt himself. However, Joshua acknowledged that mental health problems were something that his brother had dealt with in the past, and it wasn’t the first time he’d tried to hurt himself. Sadly, he succeeded this time.

According to the grieving brother, Renner was taking medication and going to therapy at the time of his death. Joshua said that their parents were also “making sure that he was taking good care of himself.” Unfortunately, his suffering was not evident to everyone around him.

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