AL Democrat Introduces Bill for Forced Vasectomies

AL Democrat Introduces Bill for Forced Vasectomies

( – An Alabama lawmaker introduced a bill to force men to have vasectomies. The legislator says it’s in response to abortion bills in the state.

The legislation, introduced by state Rep. Rolanda Hollis (D), states that men must have a vasectomy after their third biological child is born or one month from their 50th birthday, whichever comes first. The lawmaker told journalists that it would “neutralize abortion” because it takes “two to tango.” Men would also have to pay for the procedure.

Sterilizing innocent people is not something we do in the US. It’s also odd that the Democratic lawmaker would want to do something like that when the party believes in body autonomy. The whole argument behind the pro-choice movement is “my body, my choice.”

The abortion bill Hollis is objecting to was halted from going into effect by the courts. The vasectomy legislation is largely symbolic and has little chance of passing.

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