Al Sharpton Rejects Defund Police Movement

Al Sharpton Rejects Defund Police Movement

( – Known for his heated rhetoric over the years on racial issues, the Rev. Al Sharpton took exception with Liberal Democratic mayors and city councils moving to defund their police departments.

Sharpton said defunding the New York City Police Department was something that “a latte liberal” would support. Sharpton also noted that people living without police were facing the consequences. As an example, Sharpton spoke about a recent funeral involving a 1-year-old girl killed by a stray bullet.

The activist further said that people living in urban communities were living in environments growing more violent and unsafe. According to him, too many Liberal elitists were sitting in the Hamptons discussing the defund the police movement as if it were an academic exercise. Sharpton stressed people need proper policing.

Democratic politicians implementing defund the police initiatives say the money transferred from police will go to other departments. Some of the funds will focus on community and youth programs, and some will go towards social welfare programs. Activists claim, without proof, this move will help prevent racial injustices. Seems not every activist agrees.

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