Alert! Tyson Chicken Recall

Are you a regular connoisseur of frozen chicken? If so, check the packaging on your stockpile. You and your family might be affected by a massive recall issued by Tyson!

The Details

Just under 200,000 pounds of Tyson chicken is subjected to recall. The reason: consumers reported “hard plastics” INSIDE of their frozen chicken. Even school children were affected by this oversight. Can these companies be any more careless?

Here’s the information to look out for.

  • Case code: 0599NHL02
  • Establishment number: P-1325 (located inside the USDA mark of inspection)
  • Produced: Feb. 28, 2019
  • These chicken fritters were sold in 8.2-pound bags with four of them bundled in a case.

Plastic Is No Joke

It’s unclear as to how Tyson fails to ensure their products aren’t contaminated by foreign objects. Mistakes happen, but this one could cause serious harm to their customers.

Plastics are incredibly toxic when heated up to high temperatures, even if the plastic doesn’t melt. They break down and secrete hazardous chemicals into their surroundings. Different plastics vary in their heat tolerances, but Tyson hasn’t disclosed what types of plastic were found in their chicken.

Not to mention the obvious, but biting into a hunk of hard plastic at the wrong angle could chip or crack a tooth. Plastic chips can be extremely sharp, which might explain how they got inside of these chicken fritters in the first place. You or your child could end up with an expensive dentist bill thanks to this negligence.

Tyson Promises Improved Safety

Tyson assures us that precautionary steps are being taken to protect us from harm. They’re reluctantly installing metal detectors to prevent “contamination” from occurring — what they will do in the fight against plastic we have no idea. The new safety measures started last month after a recall of 12 million pounds of chicken. One has to wonder how Tyson has failed to ensure their products are safe for consumption in the first place.

This latest instance of Tyson issuing a recall reveals a worrying trend in our food industry. Some companies don’t have our best interests in mind, and they only make necessary safety changes when push comes to shove. Don’t let corporate greed go unchecked; report any unsafe food products to your local food safety authorities immediately. You have the power to ensure your purchases are safe for you and your family.

We’ll keep you updated on any changes surrounding this situation.