Alex Jones’ Legal Woes May Be Far From Over

Alex Jones' Legal Woes May Be Far From Over

The End Of Alex Jones? – Major Update

( – After the 2012 mass shooting that saw 20 children and six teachers die at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, radio host Alex Jones repeatedly alleged the incident was a hoax. Over the years, the entertainer said, without evidence, the massacre was perpetrated by the government to justify enacting stricter gun control laws. On Friday, August 5, a jury awarded one victim’s parents $45.2 million in punitive damages on top of a $4.1 million compensatory judgment he must pay for pain and suffering.

The court case pushed the limits on what some saw as a First Amendment right. Regardless, Jones’ ordeal may continue. On Wednesday, August 3, his lawyer unintentionally sent all of the data on his phone to the parents’ attorney. It appears texts and documents the far-right host said didn’t exist may have, after all. The revelation created the potential for criminal charges.

Jones Could Be in Hot Legal Trouble

As part of the process, attorneys for the Infowars founder gave the parents digital copies of his phone. It appears they made a mistake and included texts the defendant said never existed and financial documents he didn’t turn over to the opposing counsel during deposition.

According to several legal experts, criminal perjury charges may be imminent with the civil trial in the review mirror. They told Insider if Jones misrepresented what was in his possession while under oath, he might face serious repercussions.

Ultimately, Texas prosecutors will have to decide, and Travis County District Court Judge Maya Guerra Gamble may not make it easy for them. During testimony, the judge admonished the defendant numerous times. If she refers the case to the district attorney’s office, they might be more likely to file perjury charges against him.

Two Kinds of Perjury

Under Texas law, the district attorney might opt to indict Jones with one of two crimes. They could file a misdemeanor charge carrying up to a year in jail or pursue felony aggravated perjury which is punishable from 2 to 10 years in prison.

Legal experts say there are two criteria a DA must meet for the more significant felony allegation. First, it must take place during an official proceeding. In this case, a civil trial. Second, the false statement must reasonably affect the trial’s outcome. Some experts believe the allegations warrant the harsher charge.

Could the defense attorneys be swept into the criminal allegations if prosecutors charge him? Legal insiders say it’s doubtful. There is so much communication between lawyers and clients that sometimes things get lost. Attorneys are unlikely to face consequences if they weren’t aware of the information.

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