Alleged Predator Walks After Invoking Diplomatic Immunity

Alleged Predator Walks After Invoking Diplomatic Immunity

Violent Predator WALKS – They Let Him Go!

( – When officials from other countries travel to the US, they receive diplomatic immunity. Nations extend the same courtesy to American officials while they work abroad as well. These agreements are the reason an alleged rapist is now free.

On August 21, the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit arrested 46-year-old Charles Dickens Imene Oliha for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman inside her apartment. The victim, who lived in the same building as Oliha, said she was walking a neighbor’s dog when he approached her in the lobby. The man reportedly told her he was going to follow her upstairs, to which she replied, “No, you’re not.”

The victim claims the alleged perpetrator ignored her and forced his way into her apartment. She told police Oliha assaulted her twice, once against a wall and once on a sofa. She later called 911 to report the attack and went to the hospital for treatment.

Officers arrested Oliha, but his diplomatic status with the South Sudanese embassy forced them to release him shortly after. The career Ministry of Foreign Affairs official told law enforcement he had immunity, and they could not charge him.

The outrage from the community was immediate. reported that Mayor Eric Adams (D) said, “Sexual assault of any kind will not be tolerated.” Safe Horizon CEO Liz Roberts demanded accountability, calling it “incomprehensible” that “diplomatic immunity takes precedence over justice.”

How do you feel about diplomatic immunity? Should the US rescind the policy?

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