Almost 500 Registered Candidates for President

Almost 500 Registered Candidates for President
Almost 500 Registered Candidates for President

There was a time in American history when the people took running the country more seriously. Becoming President was seen as a momentous achievement laden with responsibility — a job for only the most skilled, dedicated, and experienced individuals to take on.
These days, it’s feeling more and more like just about everyone wants to run: business CEOs, janitors from down the street at your neighborhood school, and even, in some cases, felons who are still in jail.  
Is it any wonder our country is in peril?
The fact that President Trump landed the Presidency in 2016 was a stroke of luck for the sensible among us (and a sign of his genius). For a while, it seemed like the country would slowly revert to sensibility; after the recent news that nearly 460 people plan to run against him, some aren’t so sure.
Do you really think 500 people are qualified to run the country? We don’t, but let’s take a look at the numbers and what’s influencing the influx so you can decide for yourself.

  • First, this “news” isn’t entirely “new,” per se; it first aired last year when the ever-anti-Right posted this article. At the “Time,” (pun intended), the Left-leaning magazine stated that 430 people were planning to run in 2020 because of Trump — but not because they necessarily disagreed with him.
  • In fact, the reason the online news media outlet gave was distinctly different: Trump had shown the population that anyone could run for President, inspiring people to finally take action. Furthermore, some of the hopefuls may be running because they really and truly believe they can do a better job of dismantling a broken, barely-working, heavy-handed government.
  • But why are we reporting on this now, especially if it isn’t “new?” It seems the topic is once again at hand because the numbers continue to climb. The NY Daily News officially reported that 460 hopefuls have registered on January 18th; and those numbers are expected to grow in the coming months.
  • Interestingly enough, there’s also some new research pointing out why so many people may be newly-interested in the position. It turns out it has more to do with people being better educated about the government and being more confident in sharing their political opinions — for better OR worse.
  • According to elections expert and NYU professor, Paul Light, nearly two-thirds of the country wants reform (the same thing Trump campaigned on). Light also feels that hopefuls fall into two distinct categories: “dismantlers” and “rebuilders.”
  • “Dismantlers” believe the government is too large and too influential; these are your typical Right-leaning, and sometimes Libertarian, individuals. Many of these hopefuls actually supported Trump, even though they believe they can do a better job in 2020 if they run.
  • “Rebuilders,” on the other hand, are your typical Left-leaning Democrats who favor a larger government with a stronger hand. This includes adding more social programs, the Universal Basic Income, more legislation moderating free speech, and yes, Second Amendment removal or moderation, too.
  • So it seems the massive increase in numbers isn’t as much a sign that so many people hate Trump (as the Left would have you believe) as it is a sign of division. The country is divided on how to run itself; that’s a natural result of having someone come in and serve a term with strong morals and strong ideas.

Where do you stand on the spectrum? Do you consider yourself in favor of dismantling, rebuilding, or a mixture of both? Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s get some conversation going.