Almost 98% of LA Prosecutors Want DA Gascón Out

Almost 98% of LA Prosecutors Want DA Gascón Out

( – In 2020, Los Angeles elected George Gascón to serve as district attorney. The radical Leftist received millions of dollars from billionaire George Soros. When he took office, he almost immediately announced his plans to push the criminal justice system to the left and, predictably, crime soared. His brand of criminal justice reform isn’t going over very well with the prosecutors in LA County.

On February 22, the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys (LAADDA) released the results of a vote among the county’s prosecutors. According to the numbers, 97.9% of the 83.3% of prosecutors who participated want to recall the controversial DA, making it clear they don’t support his approach.

LAADDA has filed two lawsuits against the district attorney, accusing Gascón of violating state law. First, he did it by implementing policies that directly contradict state law. Second, he ordered the prosecutors to dismiss criminal charges when he doesn’t personally agree with them. The organization’s vice president, Eric Siddall, told Fox News Digital that he thinks most of the people who live in LA believe the DA “has been a miserable failure.” Murders went up almost 12% last year. Shootings spiked 9%, violent crime increased 3.9% and property crimes went up 4.2%.

Gascón hasn’t commented on the latest recall effort.

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