America Devolves Into Craziness

America Devolves Into Craziness

( – America is going through a crazy moment in US history. It’s not just the circumstances either; it’s also the consequences that could come about because of the choices America’s leaders are making. In one year, America has experienced a pandemic, quarantines, loss of liberties, a self-induced recession, riots, arson, looting, two impeachments, a contested election and a riot at the US Capitol building.

Just one of these things would be more than enough to handle. These challenges weren’t thrust on us because of a natural disaster, even though one could argue that COVID-19 played a role — and it did in one sense. It’s empowered our leaders to be absurd and to make decisions that are costing lives and livelihoods and dividing America more deeply than at any time since the Civil War.

 Government Induced Crisis Creates New Problems

In March 2020, America faced a new pandemic with consequences not seen since the Spanish Flu in the early 1920s. The response was not well thought out, and the media struck the fear of God into people, warning the country that over two million Americans could lose their lives. They scared America into believing a narrative that might not be true, setting up a worst-case scenario that opened up a realm of possibilities for a hostile Government takeover of society.

It worked. The politicians told America it was all about science but was it? Some state and local leaders curtailed Constitutionally enshrined religious rights, forcing the Supreme Court to step in and restore those rights almost six months later. At the same time, state authorities allowed big-box retailers who have no Constitutional guarantees to operate virtually untethered.

Some state governors shut down schools, and now, teacher unions are threatening kid’s futures. They claim it’s not safe to return to the classroom despite the CDC saying vaccinations aren’t needed for teachers and staff.

Riots in the streets over social justice led several Liberal-run cities to defund their police while Washington, DC, put up fences to protect the “seat of Democracy.” Now, one city is calling back police officers after public outcries over spiking crime.

Speaking of fences, President Biden is considering opening the borders to illegal immigrants while he also weighs shutting down citizens’ ability to move across state lines to stop the spread of COVID-19.

More substantially, President Biden cost the energy industry untold thousands of jobs with the stroke of his pen by revoking the Keystone XL pipeline contracts — all in the name of climate change. During the 2020 election, Biden promised to eliminate fossil fuels and end fracking, and he’s begun that process by halting fracking on public lands.

The National Debt Is Exploding

Every decision comes with either a positive or negative consequence. There’s no escape. At some point, the US must start paying down the national debt, which is fast approaching $30 trillion. Instead, Democrats in DC are preparing another $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill. There is already talk of a new $3 trillion or more relief package on the heels of the one they are passing now — all designed on a partisan basis.

Democrats, dreaming bigger with other people’s money, are also debating how to eliminate student loan debt, offer free college and transform the US healthcare system and place it in bureaucratic government employees’ hands. On February 18, far-Left Congresswoman Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) proposed a guaranteed federal jobs program designed to boost America to 100% employment.

How much more can America take, and how much debt can it handle?

It seems our elected leaders’ judgments are bankrupt, and privilege is being paid for by those who don’t have the money.

What we are experiencing today is craziness. Let’s hope some sanity sets in sometime soon.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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