American MIGRATION? Big Moves Underway!

Conservative Sanctuary Preparing for Mass Migration From Liberal Strongholds

Conservative Sanctuary Preparing for Mass Migration From Liberal Strongholds

( – The predicted “red wave” in last week’s midterm elections might have been more of a ripple across most of the US, but it crested in Florida. The Sunshine State is already attracting tens of thousands of immigrants from blue states every month. Now, Floridians are standing by for a new wave of escapees from Democrat politics.

In the first 10 months of this year, 51,904 Americans exchanged their New York driver’s licenses for Florida ones — a reliable sign that they’ve moved. Fleeing Californians added another 24,982 licenses to the collection. In total, 492,260 license holders from other states opted to become Floridians. People are abandoning blue states in record numbers and moving to reliably red Florida and Texas.

New Yorkers might just be moving to Florida for the weather, but Californians certainly aren’t — so what’s prompted this huge and growing migration? Palm Beach real estate agent Laura Gambino told the New York Post there are “a lot of different reasons,” including “crime, quality of life, taxes.” She also thinks that, after the midterm results, “the trend is going to continue.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) emerged from the elections as the new star of the GOP. He’s successfully built a new, broader Republican base, including record numbers of Hispanic and black voters. As the former swing state becomes crimson, it will become ever more attractive to people suffering from Democrat-inspired mismanagement — and they’ll move.

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