Americans Are Preparing for Civil War

Americans Are Preparing for Civil War
Americans Are Preparing for Civil War

On UnitedVoice, we often talk about contentious topics others refuse to cover. This includes strife within our own country – especially political and civil rest. The last eight years have been immensely shaky right across the board, with nearly every state showing signs of strain and conflict within the populace. Unfortunately, it isn’t getting better; it’s getting worse. A recent poll highlighted the fact that a full third of the population believes a civil war is right around the corner.

Key Facts

• The poll comes from Rasmussen Reports, who surveyed a cross-section of 1,000 random voters. Voters were selected from all sides of the coin to ensure fair representation.
• Rasmussen reports that a full 31 percent of the voting population believes civil war will “likely” happen in the next five years.
• Another 11 percent believe not only that war is coming, but also that it’s “very likely” and imminent. They feel civil war is just around the corner.
• The same report highlighted that Democrats are slightly more afraid of a coming war; around 37 percent believe we’re on the cusp of a second event.
• In comparison, just 32 percent of Republicans believe a civil war is coming. They’re also less fearful of a coming event than their left counterparts.
• The good news: More than half of the population finds the idea of a pending civil war ridiculous. They don’t feel we’re on the brink of anything other than significant changes to the government to make America great again.
• The idea of a pending civil war isn’t in any way new; in fact, nearly 53 percent of Americans believed Barack Obama’s radical changes would lead part of the population to violence. That never came to fruition.
• It’s impossible to know whether or not a civil war should happen, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for one now. In fact, the idea of a pending civil war is exactly why thousands of Americans now consider themselves preppers. Knowing how to support yourself, stay alive, and protect your property or loved ones will be key if such an event occurs.

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