Americans Are Supposed to Believe Migrants Carrying COVID-19 Are Not a Problem

Americans Are Supposed to Believe Migrants Carrying COVID-19 Are Not a Problem

( – Once again, public health science bureaucrats in the news are defying common sense. Instead of weighing in on objective facts, some can’t help but make themselves authorities in areas they simply are not. Then, in areas where they are authorities, they pick and choose data to justify their narratives. They wonder why so many Americans are tuning them out.

On Sunday, August 15, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Dr. Francis Collins made an astounding comment. It’s hard to grasp how such an intelligent person could say such a foolish thing. For months, the Biden administration released illegal immigrants who tested positive with COVID-19. Whistleblowers recently exposed severe COVID outbreaks and problems inside migrant detention facilities. Yet, Dr. Collins dares to state that the issue is simply a “distraction.”

Administration Misleads America From Day One on Immigration

So, Dr. Collins believes that COVID -19 crossing the border in rampant numbers is a distraction. He says unvaccinated Americans who are unwilling to get the shots are the real problem. If this doesn’t sound overtly political, what is?

There are a number of problems with the NIH director’s statement. Where should we start? Let’s go back to the beginning.

When the pandemic arrived on the shores of America, Washington state was the first epicenter. The virus tore through the state faster than a supersonic jet breaking the sound barrier. From the Northwest, it spread quickly across California and all across the United States.

Was Washington state a distraction to New York’s outbreak just two months later?

If we believe these experts, it doesn’t take much for the virus to spread from person to person. Yet, while they force Americans to mask up and create an unofficial vaccination mandate via peer pressure and bullying, it’s no problem if illegal immigrants walk through the open southern border and spread the disease.

Apparently, COVID-19 and all of its variants can’t possibly spread from illegal immigration. Remember what Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in March? He claimed the immigration crisis was only a “challenge.” The rest of the talking heads continued to support that narrative in one fashion or another despite the obvious.

Another naive statement by the NIH director we’re supposed to believe is Mexico’s infection rates are lower than the United States. How does equating infection rates make it okay to allow illegal immigrants to walk into the United States with COVID-19?

Mexico’s vaccination rate is 22%. How does a country with a 22% vaccination rate have a lower infection rate than the United States, whose vaccination rate is 51%? Two math geniuses caught Mexico cooking the COVID books after the Mexican government stonewalled them for nearly a year. So, how can Collins make such a claim? It’s simple. He’s making it based on falsified data.

If one believes that COVID-19 isn’t spreading from illegal immigrants, then let’s drop the mask mandates and fear-mongering. It is a problem of their own making, and the administration wants no accountability for the crisis it’s complicit in helping create.

When will these ‘experts’ stop trafficking in misinformation and disinformation and just acknowledge the common sense truth? If something they say doesn’t make sense, it’s because it probably doesn’t. The more they talk, the less the public can trust them.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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