Americans Can Still Cash In On Multiple Data Breaches

Americans Can Still Cash In On Multiple Data Breaches
Americans Can Still Cash In On Multiple Data Breaches

The Equifax data breach left millions of Americans worried about their financial information. The start of a class action suit action Equifax gave some of the them a bit of hope, hope that maybe in the effect of their own financial ruin, Equifax would take digital security more seriously.
But, Equifax isn’t the only one exposing data and they also aren’t the only ones involved in class action lawsuits over it. In fact, those may be the most common class actions currently going on. Yet, many Americans don’t know about all the instances when their personal data has been exposed, much less that they can be a part of the class action lawsuits currently going on. We aim to fix that.
Below are some of the current class action lawsuits involving the mishandling of private data. Feel free to sign up for any one of them, if they affect you. You can get a bit of extra cash from them, but the biggest reason you should sign up is because these companies take things a nit more seriously when their own money is at stake.

American Media Inc. & Odyssey Magazine Publishing Privacy Class Action Settlement (Michigan Only)

The lawsuit alleges that subscribers’ information was sold to thrid parties for marketing purposes. Though the company denies that the claim is true, they have agreed to settle for $7,600,000. The deadline for filing your claiim is October 17, 2017. You can go here to start the process.

Wells Fargo Fake Accounts

For those impacted by the Wells Fargo fake accounts issue, which is to say someone opened an account in your name or applied for credit in your name, the deadline for submitting your claim is February 3, 2018. Your claim will be drawn from a settlement pool of $142,000,000. You can submit your claim by going here.

Shorter University Data Breach

If your information was part of the theft of hard copies of personal information from Shorter University in September of 2004, you are entitled to cash or free identity theft protection. You can file your claim here.

Pizza Hut Privacy Rights Class Action Settlement

If you used a credit card for a carry out order at certain Pizza Huts in California between February of 2014 and March of 2015, you qualify to file a claim. The deadline for filing is today (September 19, 2017) and you can do it here.

Bank of America Privacy Invasion

If you had closed an account or had a zero balance in your Bank of America account and your account was placed under review between August 21, 2010 and July 7, 2017, you may qualify for participation in a class action settlement. The settlements will be drawn from a pool of $1,645,000. You’ll need to file by November 14, 2017 to qualify. You can start the process here.
Remember, there are class action lawsuits quietly being settled every day. We’ll keep you updated as much as possible but it might be a good idea to do some research on any companies you deal with to see if they have any settlements or suits in action right now.