Americans Put on Notice Following Latest Law Enforcement Warning

Americans Put on Notice Following Latest Law Enforcement Warning

( – Last summer was marked by violent leftist mobs burning down businesses, attacking police officers, and damaging the credibility of movements calling for law enforcement reform. Multiple people died as a result of the riots and cops in cities across the country left the profession. Now, police officials are worried that 2021 might look much the same.

According to a June 28 Newsmax report, law enforcement officials are bracing themselves for the summer. Retired sheriff Currie Myers told the conservative news organization that American society is like a “tinderbox that could explode again at any time.” John Jay College of Criminal Justice adjunct lecturer Brian Higgins said that he wouldn’t be surprised if the riots don’t start again as the result of an officer-related death.

Assaults and shootings of police officers are also on a lot of minds. That was brought to the forefront of authorities’ concerns in Florida last week after a suspect shot a Daytona Beach officer.

While law enforcement officers worry about protecting their lives and the lives of those in their communities, members of the Democratic Party continue to attack the police and push for policies to reduce their budgets. Perhaps if they got on board and supported officers and condemned rioters, some of the violence would end.

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