Americans Start Fighting Pandemic Back With This

Americans Start Fighting Pandemic Back With This

( – During times of crisis, the news media blare headlines of doom, gloom, and, all too often, violence. But there’s something else about America and her citizens that cuts across political ideology — a propensity to band together to weather the storm.

Sometimes the act may seem too small to garner much attention, but they all add up to paint a picture of basic goodness across the country.

  • The son of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick, related the story of a girl willing to share her toilet paper haul at a grocery store. She said: “I’d rather you have one and I get one than you have nothing.”
  • A North Carolina woman walked around a local retirement development offering to make grocery store runs for the seniors there.
  • School districts, and the people that run them, realized a need many may have missed: the number of children who rely on the cafeterias for the only hot meals they get. Many are now offering delivery or pick-up for those who would otherwise go without.

There are likely to be stories of rioting and looting in the coming days as the country faces shortages and the closing of businesses. But, one thing we must never forget is this: when the chips are down, Americans have each others’ backs.

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