America’s Biggest Serial Killer We Never Knew About… Until Now.

America's Biggest Serial Killer We Never Knew About... Until Now
America's Biggest Serial Killer We Never Knew About... Until Now

There’s a controversial new film in the the theaters called: “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer.” Dr. Kermit Gosnell, was a Philadelphia doctor who performed thousands of abortions, many after the 24-week gestation period, often terminating the lives of live babies with a pair of scissors. Gosnell was able to operate under the most deplorable and unsanitary conditions for over 30 years without government or media intervention. He was finally brought to justice.

There’s been a concentrated effort from the Left to suppress public awareness of this important documentary. Any reasonable person would wonder why? Read on…
• Admittedly, “Gosnell” paints a very negative view of abortion. But what many on the Left seem to have missed is the fact that the movie isn’t about convincing you whether it is right or wrong. Instead, it’s drawing attention to a man who the Government allowed to commit mass murder for over 30 years.

• “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” paints a stark and disturbing history of the Philadelphia clinic. There were no gory or graphic shots of babies or abortions, and no pictures of dead fetuses. Nor was there any real attempt to focus on sheer shock value to convince. Instead, the movie simply lays the facts of the situation for the public to be aware of.

• Opening scenes focused on the absolute filthy conditions in the clinic. Bags of medical waste littered the hallways. Patients urinated on the floors because they could not get into a bathroom. Every glance presented an immediate view of litter and refuse – unheard of for a clinic or hospital.

• The first 15 minutes of the movie highlighted the extreme filthy conditions at the clinic and at Dr. Gosnell’s personal residence. Gosnell performed abortions at both locations throughout his time “serving” the public.

• Gosnell’s employees were completely untrained and unlicensed. Despite their lack of skill, the physician allowed them to dispense major pain medications to patients and even administered anesthesia when it was needed. This alone placed his patients, many of whom were disadvantaged and desperate, at risk.

• Dr. Gosnell’s abortion practices (setting aside the right versus wrong of it for a moment) were also extremely questionable. He regularly performed abortions after the 24-week gestation period, allegedly using surgical scissors to cut the necks of newly born infants to “ensure they didn’t suffer.” Not only was he performing abortions, but he was also engaging in what even some pro-choicers would class as murder – taking the lives of viable newborn infants after birth.

• Dr. Gosnell would decide somewhat arbitrarily that a pregnancy was under 24 week limit so the procedure could be performed legally. Records were often not maintained. Those that were maintained were riddled with errors and even occasionally manipulated to show a much different picture.

• But just how did this man get away with so many criminal acts? If a doctor were to engage in the same behavior today, an angry mob would arrive at their doorstep in an instant. In Dr. Gosnell’s case, the angry mob never showed up for a few very specific reasons.

• First, Gosnell’s neighborhood was exceptionally poor. Patients who arrived on his doorstep were often desperate enough to agree to virtually anything. Allegedly, many were addicts who would come for abortions to access the freely-given pain medication his staff handed out illegally over the 30 years they stayed in practice.

So what is it really that the Left is trying to hide?
The government, in fear of being accused of being anti-abortion, virtually allowed Gosnell’s clinic to continue committing thousands of murders and endangering lives for just under 30 years. They not only knew about the transgressions – a product of the many, many complaints lodged against Gosnell and his staff members – but also decided not to enforce basic rules or shut him down.

Here are more facts to consider:
• Media and government cooperated in attempting to cover up Gosnell’s 30 years of medical procedures under extreme conditions. This long-game coverup is highlighted in the movie at several points, demonstrating how local and national media outlets avoided the topic and actively attempted to suppress it.

• In fact, they even attempted to suppress information about Gosnell’s criminal case when he was investigated and prosecuted. It isn’t hard to see why once you really dig into the meat of Dr. Gosnell’s case and the evidence presented within it. Staff members presented powerful testimonies, evidence was presented and Dr. Gosnell was sentenced to life for the murders of multiple live birth babies.

• The deciding courtroom testimony that convinced the jury of Dr. Gosnell’s atrocities happened when a staff person told about multiple instances where viable babies were taken from the womb alive after 24 weeks. Dr. Gosnell would then administer his procedure to end their lives – using scissors to sever the spinal cord at the base of the neck.

• Gosnell claimed his “procedure” was an assurance only, and that he only ever used it to guarantee infants wouldn’t suffer. But he also stated that the babies he aborted were never alive after they were born. This gives most people pause; if the newborns were already dead, why would they be suffering?

The suppression of the Gosnell movie, and in fact, Gosnell’s entire case, is a stark reminder of what can happen when media manipulates facts.

The cover-up may have started with local governments, but the fact that the media worked hard to prevent word from spreading by refusing to cover it and actively suppressing it is frightening. Can we really believe what we read?

Ultimately, “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” is further evidence of how the government controls what the American public sees and hears. Again, the emphasis was not on opposing legal abortion, but the conditions and details under which the doctor and his untrained staff conducted the procedures. This movie sat on the shelf for two years because Hollywood would not produce it – all because people feared showing the negative side of abortion, even though it wasn’t even the point of the movie.

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