Amy Barrett’s Support Surges Among Democrat Voters

Amy Barrett's Support Surges Among Democrat Voters

( – Democratic leaders have been fighting against the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. They believe she’ll rule to overturn Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act, even though there’s no proof she’d do so. It looks like voters on the Left are starting to see the light.

On October 7, Morning Consult published the results from a recent poll conducted with POLITICO about the SCOTUS nominee. According to respondents, 46% believe the Senate should confirm Barrett no matter who wins the election. That’s up 9% from when President Donald Trump announced her nomination at the end of September. The percentage of Democrats who believe lawmakers should confirm her jumped 10 points, as well, from 14% to 24%.

It’s not surprising nearly half of voters believe the Senate should confirm the judge. After all, a president is elected for four years, not three. Trump has the constitutional right to appoint justices under his watch.

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