Another Big Endorsement Named for Trump

Another Big Endorsement Named for Trump

( – Across the country, police are taking a beatdown as far eft politicians and activists call for their defunding. In some instances, they’ve even called to dismantle police departments. Police unions have had enough. 

In Florida, the state’s largest police union endorsed Trump on Friday morning for the first time in eight years. The Florida Police Benevolent Association has 30,000 members (not including family members and retirees), and its president says police are tired of feeling like they’re “being used as a punching bag.” 

The endorsement comes after the Palm Beach Benevolent Association revoked its support of a state Democratic candidate who called for the demilitarization of police.

The Democrat also questioned why there’s a need for police to use unmarked vehicles. The union has approximately 5,000 members.

President Trump has been a strong supporter of law enforcement and is positioning himself as the law and order candidate amidst the growing backlash against police in major Democratic-led cities across America.

So far, the National Association of Police Organizations and the International Union of Police Associations endorsed the president. Last week, Its president, John Kazanjian, said the union would be working aggressively to help Trump win Florida and get re-elected.

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