Another Cell Phone Carrier Cyber Breach Impacts Millions

T-Mobile Cyber Breach Impacts Millions
T-Mobile Cyber Breach Impacts Millions

How many of you are currently reading this update from a mobile device? If that device happens to be contracted under T-Mobile, you need to know that your device may not be safe to use. The company recently disclosed that they discovered a breach on August 20th – a breach that allowed hackers direct access to data for millions of customers. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe.

Key Facts

• This is no small-time hacking incident. According to T-Mobile, over 2 million customers were affected. Exposed information includes names, email addresses, account numbers, zip codes, and telephone numbers.
• Here’s what’s especially ridiculous: this isn’t even the first time T-Mobile has failed to protect customers and their data. Back in 2015, the company allowed hackers to access, and steal, everything from social security numbers to birth date and even home addresses.
• The fact that this year’s breach was less impactful than the last does not make the situation any less concerning. It points to a serious lack of responsibility on the part of T-Mobile, who should have known better after the last time they were breached.
• That said, not every customer is affected; only around 3 percent of the company’s accounts were accessed. Even if you are with T-Mobile, it’s possible that your data remains safe and secure behind their systems.
• The company stated they will be reaching out to customers individually and directly. If you haven’t received a telephone call, you can also dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone to speak with customer service. Alternatively, you can dial 1-877-296-1018 from a different phone to be connected with a representative.
• T-Mobile doesn’t think passwords were breached, but in any situation where data is accessed without permission, changing your passwords is always wise. We recommend changing not only your password for T-Mobile’s account login app and website, but also any passwords for apps you normally access from your mobile device.