Another Cop Shooting, This Time It’s Different

In the previous two recent shootings of black men (Tulsa and Charlotte) the issue of guns was disputed. In the El Cajon Shooting (San Diego, Ca) it appeared as if the man had a gun. The object thought to be a gun was grasped in both hands, had a barrel-like look, and was pointed directly at police. In a split second, the police had to decide to take action.
“Police Chief Jeff Davis said the man refused to obey orders to remove a hand from his pants pocket and was shot after he swiftly drew an object from his front pocket and pointed at the officer in a shooting stance.”
This was a difficult situation, given that it called for immediate action on the part of the police. Think about it, a man takes a shooting stance and points a gun-like device at you.  What would you do?
Protesters tend to side with the victim while not appreciating the what the police are up against in these type situations. The cellphone picture provided by a bystander clearly shows the man in a shooting stance pointing a gun-like device at officers. Again, what would you do?