Another Equifax Breach?

Another Equifax Breach?
Another Equifax Breach?

Credit bureau Equifax is at the heart of yet another publicity scandal after announcing an investigation into a potential breach last Thursday. Although the company hasn’t found any evidence to support malicious access, they did disable a customer support page and several other areas of the website in response. The investigation caused Equifax stocks to plummet dramatically, resulting in yet another blow for the company’s bottom line.

Key Facts in the Equifax Breach

  • This was the second potential breach for Equifax
  • Equifax’s original breach involved 145.5 million people
  • Equifax hasn’t identified evidence of malicious access
  • The announcement and investigation are likely proactive
  • Equifax’s security teams continue to monitor and investigate

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Equifax recently signed into a contract with the IRS. How do you feel about filing your taxes this year, knowing that? Let us know in the comments!