Another Snag in COVID-19 Negotiations

Another Snag in COVID-19 Negotiations

( – On Friday, August 7, Democrats refused to seriously negotiate with Republicans over the $600-per-week federal unemployment benefit. That forced President Trump to sign four executive orders to provide immediate relief to Americans. Now, Democrats have changed their tactic to hamper negotiations — again.

The HEROES Act, passed by the House-led Democrats in June, included a $1-trillion bailout for states and local governments. Democrats claim without the money, millions of government employees will be laid off, and have put another hard line in the sand in the negotiations to provide relief to Americans.

On Monday, August 10, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the White House will not give more money to state and local governments. As of June 30, they had only spent 25% of the money the federal government allocated to them. He stressed that they have extreme flexibility in how they can use the funds, including retaining fire, police, and other public employees.

While Democrats fret over their concerns of layoffs, they don’t seem overly concerned with defunding the police movements. On Monday, August 10, Seattle City Council passed a bill that would lay off nearly 100 police officers. Other Democratic-led cities are considering either defunding or eliminating police spending as well.

On a positive note, Mnuchin said the White House is prepared to add money if it’s necessary. However, they aren’t interested in a blank check.

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