Anti-Quarantine Protests: Right or Risky?

Anti-Quarantine Protests: Right or Risky?

( – Over the weekend, Americans in over 20 states took to the streets in protest of their state’s stay-at-home-orders. They demanded local and state economies be reopened immediately. 

Not everyone shares in President Trump’s sentiment. During an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday, member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Anthony Fauci, warned these protests could prolong the lockdown and have a severe impact on reopening the economy.

Last Friday, President Trump urged citizens to “liberate” themselves from the lockdown restrictions. His concern was for some governors imposing orders that are “too tough.” 

During the task force briefing on Monday, reporters asked Trump what he thought of the nation-wide protesting. He said he felt they were being responsible on how they were demonstrating, adding they were expressing their views.

The White House, under careful consideration, has established guidelines for state governments to reopen their economies and get people back to work.

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