Anti-Trump Knitting Drama, Electoral Map Ruling and Trump’s “Excellent” Letter to Kim Jong-Un

Knitting Site Bans Messages of Trump Support

It’s expected for politically-motivated groups to suppress messages that conflict with their ideas. Whether or not that notion is acceptable isn’t really up for debate — it’s simply part of the game. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions even if they’re wrong (cough, like the Left, cough).

Sometimes we need a break from all the political nonsense. Crafts and hobbies are a staple of our economy and give us something to do that doesn’t involve yelling at each other over touchy subjects. Now, that’s starting to change.

Ravelry, one of the most popular knitting sites, decided they don’t want pro-Trump messages or creations to be a part of their platform. They’re actively removing posts and conversations surrounding the president. One of America’s time-honored crafts is now politically charged. Great. Is nothing sacred for the Lefties?

Supreme Court Adds Citizenship Question to 2020 Census

It’s (not) hard to believe that the Left is struggling to find support for their backward ideas. That’s why Democrats turn to immigrants to inflate support and game the political system to their advantage. That’s about to change with a new citizenship question in the new 2020 census.

What’s wrong with asking someone if they’re a citizen of the country they reside in? It’s a simple question and they should be able to answer it truthfully no matter what. The Supreme Court’s new ruling is simply fixing a loophole the Left has been exploiting for decades, but that doesn’t prevent them from whining about it.

Trump Writes Kim Jong-Un an “Excellent” Letter

Trump’s last meeting with the leader of North Korea ended abruptly when they were unable to come to an agreement over the country’s missile program. The relationship seemed to be in dire straits. Now, that seems to be changing after Trump’s latest letter to his buddy overseas.

Real communication with Kim isn’t off the table yet. Trump’s good-faith efforts to establish a great friendship with the volatile leader is starting to pay off. The Left never believed that Trump could reach a peaceful resolution with North Korea. Honestly, did their support ever matter in the first place?

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