Antifa Rioters Create Chaos, Mayhem

Antifa Rioters Create Chaos, Mayhem

( – Far-left rioters swarmed into a Washington town Saturday night and attacked the police and local businesses. Extremists from Antifa, who were holding an October 31 “anti-capitalism rally” in Portland, OR, spilled over into the neighboring suburb of Vancouver, WA, and unleashed destruction on the town.

The mob, which had already attacked Trump supporters in Portland, stole US and state flags from buildings, including a local Washington State Patrol office, and burned them. Protesters chanted aggressively anti-American slogans, including “Death to your f**ing empire,” and chanted “All cops are b**tards.” At one point during the unrest in Portland a man, apparently a Trump supporter, retrieved flags the rioters had set on fire and risked burns trying to put them out.

Condemning the violence, President Trump called the protesters “criminal anarchists” and said they must be brought to justice. He also warned that his Democrat rival Joe Biden fears the extremists – which means he won’t resist their demands if he wins the election.


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