AOC Accuses Cuomo of Punishing the Poor

AOC Accuses Cuomo of Punishing the Poor

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has joined a number of other New York politicians in calling out the Governor’s new plan to crack down on subway fare evasions.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this week that he wants to hire 500 additional cops at the cost of $249 million. His office issued a statement adding that:

“From 2013 and 2017, assaults reported by New York City Transit workers have increased by 15.2 percent, and lost revenue from fare evasion increased from $105 million in 2015 to $225 million in 2018.”

In a letter written by AOC and other New York lawmakers, they said:

“While overall crime is down in the system, there has been a significant uptick in assaults on bus and subway workers. Addressing this legitimate concern can be accomplished without criminalizing poverty.”

So the cops are supposed to let people break the law and not pay to ride? Who do these politicians think is paying for the $225 million in lost revenue?

So far, Cuomo has not issued a response.

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