AOC Admits Biden Has a Big Weakness

AOC Admits Biden Has a Big Weakness

( – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) isn’t exactly what you would call a President Joe Biden stan. She’s very progressive, and he’s a moderate. However, she’s willing to ignore some of her values if she thinks he can win; she demonstrated that in 2020. Although she’s supporting him this time around, she’s also admitting that he has a big weakness.

On August 30, The New York Times published an interview with AOC that covered a wide range of issues. Journalist Lulu Garcia-Navarro asked the congresswoman about Biden’s record on immigration, something she is passionate about as a Latina. The Democratic president has held more asylum seekers in private detention centers than former President Donald Trump did, and families are still being separated. The reporter asked AOC what grade she would give the POTUS on the issue of immigration.

AOC responded, “Immigration is arguably this administration’s weakest issue.” She went on to explain that it’s one of the areas of governance where “policy is dictated by politics.” She said Biden has received many recommendations, but seems hesitant to take the advice even though she believes it could “provide relief on this issue.”

Millions of migrants have poured across the border since Biden took office. Many of them were deported through the use of some of Trump’s policies that were kept in place, but hundreds of thousands have been released into the US. That has put a strain on cities along the border and across the broader US. Even with Democratic cities begging the president to take action, he has failed to do so.

Garcia-Navarro went on to ask AOC why she hasn’t used her “considerable clout as a Latina leader” to visit the border like she did when Trump was president and shine a light on the issue. The congresswoman claimed she’s making plans to do that in the near future. Of course, she didn’t give a date.

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