AOC Backs Lawsuit Against ICE

AOC Backs Lawsuit Against ICE

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fancies herself something of an expert in politics at the tender age of 27.  But take a glance at her track record in office so far; what you find should make you highly concerned for the future of our country.

Now, we have evidence of yet another uninformed, outright dangerous move by AOC that stands to put everyday Americans at risk. AOC’s latest escapade is to back a lawsuit that seeks to bar ICE agents from state courthouses. She’s also campaigning to abolish ICE.

Our borders are in a bad enough situation right now without this meddling millennial.

Key Points:

  • The lawsuit in question was originally filed in Massachusetts by District Attorneys Rachael Rollins and Marian Ryan. Both claim the suit is a direct response to “heavy-handedness” on the part of ICE, using the recent arrest of two illegal immigrant gang members in a Suffolk courthouse as an example.
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  • Ironically, the lawsuit occurred on the same day US Attorney Andrew Lelling charged Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph, from Newton, and one of her court officers, also from Newton, with aiding and abetting an illegal immigrant in escaping ICE for weeks.
  • It is a sad day in America when our own District Attorneys and judges directly break the law themselves while also helping others do the same. That’s the very definition of corruption – yet the Left claims ICE is really the entity suffering from a corruption problem…
  • AOC, of course, in true Millennial fashion, glorified the lawbreakers and gave very public support for their efforts. “Mounting the lawsuit is the right thing,” she continued. “The way that we’re going to resist the expansion of this administration is through local municipalities and through the exercising of state power as well, so I think it’s a fabulous development.”
  • “When it comes to ICE showing up in courtrooms,” she added, “what we’re seeing right now is just a disturbing and consistent expansion with the way the current administration is using ICE to target folks that ideally should not be targeted.”
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  • Seems pretty simple to us – if you’re here illegally, then it is ICE’s duty to enforce the laws that limit your presence. Trying to paint ICE as evil for simply serving the country and doing their duty feels short-sighted at best and a bit like manipulative gaslighting at worst.
  • But that’s exactly what AOC likes to do. In an earlier interview, she even suggested ICE officers are terrifying, cruel monsters. “I would knock on the door and people would be really scared on the other side. They wouldn’t open,” she claimed. “I realized that families were terrified of ICE.”
  • “They were scared because ICE doesn’t present themselves in a forthright way,” she continued. “…They don’t knock on a door like, ‘Hey, we’re ICE.” Apparently we should all be more tolerant of the criminals around us, lest we make them fearful that they’ll be held responsible for their actions.
  • We also have to give Trump credit for his comments on the issue with the Boston Herald Radio early in May. He shared his thoughts on District Attorneys Rachael Rollins and Marian Ryan and the ICE lawsuit, suggesting they “probably don’t mind crime.” Can’t make it much simpler than that!
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Folks, let’s remember that this is a Boston University graduate who, while inexperienced, should at least know why breaking the law is wrong. There is a process in this country for protesting laws you feel are unjust; aiding and abetting criminals is not part of that process.

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