AOC Copies Trump [PLUS: Pres. Cancels Trip and Jerome Adams Talks Pot

AOC Copies Trump Move PLUS Pres Cancels Trip and Jerome Adams Talks Pot

AOC and Trump Finally Have Something in Common

Oh Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…we see exactly what you’re up to! For someone who purports to be so angry at President Trump, it sure seems you’re following in his footsteps this time…

It turns out the esteemed AOC has been hypocritically engaging in one of the same behaviors her, and many other Dems, have blasted Trump for in the past:

Blocking people on Twitter.

The Knight First Amendment Institute (KFAI) at Columbia University reports that everyone’s (least) favorite Millennial Leftist has been blocking virtually anyone who tries to challenge her political beliefs online. KFAI also drew attention to the fact that such actions are essentially unconstitutional.

AOC, in her usual way, was quick to respond:

Last we heard, all politicians were supposed to serve the needs of the American people…not just their constituents. There’s a big difference between having your own specific platform and refusing to acknowledge the opinions or needs of people who disagree with you.

This seems like another manipulation tactic – and she’s certainly known for them. Just because the accounts she blocked are not her constituents (she claims), it’s okay to avoid conversation and discourse on a public forum?

Let’s not forget this was the same woman who accused Democrat John Yarmuth, of being Republican and “posting next to cardboard cutouts of young female legislators.” She deleted the post, hid, and ran when confronted.

It’s also the same absurd Leftism that led her to suggest that people could beat the pre-Dorian gas rush by “having electric cars” on Labor Day:

Look, if AOC wants the right to block people, we aren’t even against that. But she had better start defending Trump’s right to do the same thing, lest she label herself a hypocrite.

The Knight First Amendment Institute is the same group that successfully sued Trump in 2017 for blocking people on his account. Last month a federal appeals court upheld the ruling that he violated the US Constitution. He is currently challenging that ruling.

Trump Cancels Overseas Trip

President Trump was scheduled to make a trip to Poland this weekend to commemorate the 80th anniversary of WWII. However, he was forced to change his plans on Thursday afternoon as a result of the incoming Hurricane Dorian. Vice President Mike Pence will attend the Poland event in his stead.

Dorian ripped through the Bahamas over the weekend, causing multiple deaths and billions of dollars in damage. Currently sitting at just Category 2, most meteorologists predict the storm will rise to a Category 4 by the time it makes landfall on the Floridan coast. Experts are saying the cyclone is essentially large enough to reach from southeast Georgia to the Florida Keys.

Surgeon General Makes Announcement About Marijuana

More and more states are legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. This once-taboo drug is becoming popular with all walks of life and is seen as an acceptable thing to partake in. This all sounds well and good. After all, responsible users don’t often cause problems…right?

It seems caution may still be required. Surgeon General Jerome Adams made an announcement today that certain people need to stay away from the drug.

Adams is recommending that no amount of marijuana is safe for pregnant women, teens or young adults. According to the pot expert, current research shows marijuana is harmful to developing brains, although scientists don’t yet fully understand why.

Part of the problem is that modern marijuana is significantly stronger than the marijuana used in, say, the 1960s or 1970s. Adams feels that more people need to be aware of this fact and avoid high-strength strains – something teens aren’t likely to do.

According to a post on his Twitter account, people are not taking this news well. Considering how the Left treats unborn children they don’t want, it isn’t surprising that they would get upset with someone saying one of their favorite past time could potentially be harmful to children. After all, if they took Adams’ advice, how would they bond with their teenagers?

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