AOC Doubles Down on Defunding NYPD

AOC Doubles Down on Defunding NYPD

( – Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), aka AOC, has opened her big mouth again. The freshman congresswoman has come out and said the New York City Council didn’t go far enough in their measure to cut $1 billion from the NYPD budget. She decried parts of the proposed legislation she felt were akin to simply changing money from your right pocket to your left and not really doing anything, saying, “defunding police means defunding police…”

However, there are some out there who think the dismantling/intentionally bankrupting law enforcement agencies may not be the best of ideas. They pose legitimate questions the Progressive Liberals can’t seem to answer, perhaps indicating that an ability to see the problems that will arise is beyond them.

A good example of where this lunacy might lead can easily be found in the epicenter of all this in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the City Council voted to dissolve the MPD. But then they almost immediately went and ordered private security protection for three of their members in a somewhat shady deal that effectively hides it from voter oversight, but is still costing an estimated $4500 per day.

The idea of cutting the Thin Blue Line that protects the citizens to shreds can be described using different adjectives, including “insanity,” “subversion,” or perhaps just sticking to the simplest, but probably most accurate one is best with “stupidity.”

Many, if not most, Americans are by now familiar with the fact that Blacks in this country are treated quite differently by police forces, but that hypothetical empathy only goes so far. Because when the fear that bowing down to the amorphous “they” comes at the cost of protecting “our” families from danger hits them, it’s quite possible there will be a severe pushback.

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