AOC Gets Surprise Endorsement From Former President

AOC Gets Surprise Endorsement From Former President

Trump HUMILIATES Ocasio-Cortez – Disgraces Her For All To See!

( – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) remains one of the most controversial Congress members as she campaigns for a third term in office. She’s often referred to as one of the leaders of the progressive movement. Over the years, the Democratic lawmaker has been in many fights with Conservatives, including former President Donald Trump.

Perhaps that’s what makes a recent “endorsement” so interesting — or funny.

An Endorsement From a Rival

Trump is known for trolling the Left. He often makes fun of liberal lawmakers during his speeches and social media posts. On August 18, Breitbart reported the former POTUS decided to amuse himself at the expense of AOC, saying he was “thrilled to give her [his] Endorsement [sic]” for the New York District 14 race. He added that all of her ideas “are terrible and would be a disaster for America.”

The former president went on to say he thinks we need more people like her in Congress. He then advised AOC to go blonde, saying, “Blondes have more fun!”

Bad Blood

AOC and Trump have a history of bad blood. During the former president’s administration, the congresswoman traveled to the Southern border and cried in front of the cameras after visiting a migrant detention center. The incident quickly became a meme.

In 2020, during Trump’s reelection campaign, he spoke to Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo about the NY congresswoman. In a fiery interview, reported on by Axios, he called AOC a “bad student” who isn’t “even a smart person,” saying all she does is “goes out and she yaps.”

That same year, the lawmaker said she thinks those who supported the 45th president during his time in office should be held “responsible for their behavior.”

A group called the Trump Accountability Project then sprang up with a mission statement saying it wanted to remind the American people who supported the POTUS while he was in office, including those who funded him, worked for him, and elected him.

In August 2021, the former president held a rally and mocked her as a “real beauty.” He told his supporters he didn’t even think she took a class on the environment.

Neither Trump nor AOC will likely stop trading barbs with one another as long as they are in the spotlight. The reality is both have considerable influence over their respective bases in each party. Attacking one another helps bolster their standing with supporters. With the midterm elections coming up, both politicians are investing in rallying those voters to head to the polls in November.

AOC has not responded to the former president’s tongue-in-cheek endorsement as of this writing.

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