AOC Reprimanded, Liberals Trust the Media More Than Conservatives and California Wants Non-Citizens in the Government

Officials Speak Against AOC’s Border Comments

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing criticism over her recent outrage about migrant detention centers. Tom Homan, former US ICE director, countered her commentary by pointing out the flaws in the Democrat’s approach to the border situation. He said there is no way that border officials are dehumanizing detainees by forcing people to drink toilet water — Homan denounces that as an outlandish claim.

Homan feels she is “clearly, intentionally misinforming the American public.” Considering how often she has been wrong in her short history as a government official, Homan might be onto something.

Survey Finds That Liberals Trust the Media More Than Conservatives

A survey conducted by YouGov found that conservatives and liberals feel very differently about how much they trust the media.

Liberals are more trusting when it comes to the news media in the United States than conservatives are. That’s not much of a surprise at all. It’s easy for the Left to trust the news when so many outlets are pander to their interests.

In reality, plenty of mainstream media is fake, biased and enjoys attacking President Trump. Conservatives are aware of all the lies and false reporting that attempts to show liberals in a much better light.

California Democrats Want Non-citizens Controlling Our Government

Lawmakers in California have proposed a bill allowing non-citizens to hold leadership positions in the Democratic Party at state and local levels. It would give them the ability to act as convention delegates and committee leaders. Some undocumented immigrants, such as Dreamers, would be able to hold positions of power.

How much “tolerance and support” is the left going to continue to show before they just give our country away to anyone who wants it?

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